Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Update 1.2.1

Written by Duwsh

The usual small update that follows a large update has gone live, it’s mostly just bug fixes and general tweaks to the game, launch Steam and your game should just automatically update itself. Check out the change notes below.

Hi everyone!

Here’s the changelog for this morning’s 1.2.1 update. Just a few general tweaks, including changes to the pirate fence scenery that people have mentioned a few times Thanks everyone who has played so far! We’re already seeing some amazing creations coming out from the community.
General Tweaks
– Increased the possible track length on the Steel Hydra coaster
– ZoZo included in the work roster for the Downtown scenario
– Bins hiding out in walls in the Downtown scenario have been moved into the open
– Rides now have bigger age gaps in the Downtown scenario
– Improvements to the visual quality of the Steel Hydra chain lift, brakes, catwalks and support colours

Bug Fixes
– Stopped browser categories changing when you close and open the browser
– Fixed an issue where scenery parts that had been given changeable colour were loading the incorrect colour
– Set the Pirate Fence scenery piece back to it’s original rotation. Apologies for any inconvenience caused
– Only parks using this piece that were saved prior to patch 1.2 and then saved after patch 1.2 might need some adjustment
– Fixed an issue where coaster stations were not selectable in work rosters
– Fixed an issue where the Bakasura coaster would not create track supports if the track was banked
– Fixed an issue where interactive music was not playing correctly on the Boomerang coasters
– General stability fixes and improvements

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