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Planet Coaster – Duelling Coasters and More

Written by Duwsh

If you managed to catch the livestream yesterday evening you’ll know that as well as all the amazing features announced at PAX East 2017 the 1.2 update for Planet Coaster will be adding some even cooler stuff to make the game even better, and it’s all free!

Duelling Coasters

There’s nothing quite like watching two coasters twist and turn together, leaving and arriving at the station together. Duelling coasters will officially be coming to Planet Coaster in the 1.2 update on the 11th April. Announced in yesterdays stream the new feature isn’t just as simple as it has been in the past. You can have up to five coasters connected and they can be completely different types of coasters.

This huge feature is a very welcomed addition to the game after many of the players requested this to be added. The UI is simple and it’s never been easier to attach two or more coasters together for a real good show.

Boomerang Coasters

This new feature is absolutely stunning, if you’ve ever seen one before they are a real work of art and this is no different in-game. The supports of the coasters are beautifully made and look incredibly realistic. Featuring a catch car system the coaster sends along a small device which travels down, collects the car, drags it to the top of the track and lets go. There are two new types of coaster, the trident, which is a standard boomerang coaster and the bakasura, which is an inverted coaster.


The new security features were covered at PAX East 2017 but the guys over at Frontier went more in-depth about what we can expect from the new items and staff. Firstly you can place down security cameras anywhere in your park, then if you want to you can actually go inside them and view what the cameras can see as well as moving them around. They also let us know that peeps who pickpocket your guests aren’t there to ride any rides, they enter your park for the sole reason of stealing, contrary to this peeps who vandalise your park are actually paying guests who have become angry, this can be down to various reasons.

New Scenarios

This next addition is down to the new features being added to the game, we will be getting 3 brand new scenarios. The first one is called Chief Beef’s Raceway, it features a park with a large go kart track and requires the player to add a bit more excitement to it. The second one is called Oak Island, it’s a very old park which was once incredibly popular but has seen better days, the player has to revamp it and bring it back to life. The last new scenario is called Downtown, it features a large city themed park which is overrun with litter and vandalism, requiring the player to tidy, fix and make sure the peeps are happy.

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