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Nintendo Switch – Worth the Switch?

Written by Duwsh

As a whole we’ve got more devices than ever, phones, tablets, PCs and consoles being just a few of those, but is there any room for the brand new console from Nintendo? So far I’d say yes, there’s promise in this small hybrid and definitely worth the investment.

As an early adopter I got my Switch on release day, I purchased it along with 1-2 Switch, Just Dance 2017 and of course The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Towards the launch of the console I started getting cold feet, was thinking about cancelling my pre-order, there was a flood of negative articles being published and it cast doubt on whether this product could live up to the hype, it’s easy to say this doubt was uncalled for, it’s a great console. A month down the line I’m still not seeing why there was such negativity about the console, some other aspects I totally agree with.

The Console

It’s a very small device, the main component consisting of a screen with various ports and flaps, power button and the volume rocker, the outside is quite busy, presumably down to the fact they had to fit most of the normal console features into such a small device. That’s not to say it looks bad, it looks great.

The back of the device has the striking Switch logo as well as the two speakers which provide loud and good quality sound, the stand is also located on the back, probably the worst feature on the console as a slight knock and it falls over, something they could have easily been prevented. The top is where you’ll find the slot for the games, after lifting up the flap the cartridges slide in very easily, requiring a push to make sure they’re properly fitted. Having the flap is very handy as it will prevent any dust from entering and making reading the games easier, no blowing required here!

The Peripherals

I opted to go for the grey version due to the neon red and blue being out of stock, but I’m not disappointing at all, it’s very sophisticated and sleek looking. The joy-cons are quite small and slide easily into the side of the main console with the signature click each time. They feel very solid while attached although when using the joy-con grip there’s a slight wobble towards the bottom. The buttons on the joy-cons are quite small, some may struggle however I’ve got quite big hands and it’s not uncomfortable to use in the slightest.

The provided joy-con grip is a nice addition to this console, it means you can use the dock straight out of the box, although it would have been nice if Nintendo provided the charging version it’s still a good controller. It’s very easy to use and feels like many other controllers on the market. The pro controller isn’t something I’m interested in at all, the high price point is quite off putting, the provided joy-cons and grip are absolutely fine.

The Dock

Another place that lets down the Switch, the dock is clearly a very cheap and not built very well. Many have reported that the dock actually scratched the front of the console although this isn’t a problem I’ve faced and although it is cheap it’s very light and easy to transport if you need to. Something that Nintendo did really well was give us enough USB ports, although there’s not much use for them out of the box it’s great for purchasing accessories such as the charging joy-con grip and even adding a keyboard which is a possibility.

The Games

This is the biggest let down of the console, not because the games it was launched with are bad, but because there just wasn’t enough of them. Don’t get me wrong The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has given me countless hours of fun and enjoyment and is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played, but it’s not enough to carry the console. I am a huge Mark Kart fan and the fact I’m having to wait two months for a game that was released for the Wii U in 2014, that’s something I can’t get me head around. I can totally understand games like Mario Odyssey being released late 2017 as it’s set to be an unbelievable game and I for one can’t wait.

Some of the other offerings we have aren’t bad like I said, it’s just they’re very casual and more party-orientated, I definitely regret buying 1-2 Switch and to an extent Just Dance 2017, I just hardly play them. Just Dance 2017 is a fun game as it always has been, the problem is the console has to be docked and playing it alone can get quite boring, although it’s a great fun workout when you’ve got the space and time to sink a couple of hours into it.

Final Thoughts

I don’t have many bad things to say about this console, it’s a solid entry by Nintendo into the very competitive console market, the price is fairly high and there’s a lack of games right now but its take on the hybrid concept works, it’s so easy to use in both handheld mode and docked and that’s something I love. If you’re dying to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and love the option to take the console anywhere buy it, if you’re not a huge fan of that series of games I’d probably give it a miss for now, not saying don’t buy it, but just wait for more games.

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