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Planet Coaster – PAX East 2017 Roundup

Written by Duwsh

As you may be aware, the guys over at Frontier were at PAX East 2017 and have announced a few big additions which will be making their way into the game. As you know we’ve reported on a new update coming mid-April, well it has been confirmed all the following features will be making their way into the game on the 11th April!

Here are some of the main new features coming to Planet Coaster.

New Rides

One of the most requested rides is finally making its way into Planet Coaster, go karts! They have been sorely missed due to them not being added at launch, but fear not because they are on the way! They look absolutely fantastic and really customisable.

We will also be getting three brand new flat rides added into the game,  the first is called Zozo it looks like a whole bunch of fun and clearly a lot of effort has gone into designing it, I can’t wait to see my guests enjoying a spin. The next is Elixir Machine, it’s a relatively small ride and doesn’t seem to go very fast but would be a nice addition to any park. The last one is the Big Wheel! You probably know we’ve already got a ferris wheel in game, the main difference is this is your more classic, simple carriages to hold your guests and as the name suggests, it’s pretty big.

Security Guards

The new update will also be bringing security guards, if you’ve every played any of the Rollercoaster Tycoon games you’ll know that vandalism is a fun and slightly annoying feature, well get your parks ready because it’s coming to Planet Coaster. Along with the new guards we will also be getting CCTV so even when the guards aren’t about you’ll be able to catch those pesky trouble makers.

New Rollercoaster Type

We will be getting a brand new type of coaster with the update as well, the suspended swinging coaster. This has been quite a requested coaster type and it looks absolutely brilliant, so much fantastic attention to detail has gone into this and I think you’ll agree it’s a welcomed addition to the game.

New Scenery

The next thing on the list is brand new scenery for the game, if you love building and making your parks look as realistic as possible you’re in for a real treat! There is a vast array of fun new items to add into your parks including signs which go with the shops lacking in signage, which means even more variety. Take a look at the video below, and check out that giant hot dog, looks good enough to eat.

Bigger Blueprints

The last thing I’m going to cover is the fact we will be able to save even more pieces in our blueprints, the development team have upped this to a massive 4000 pieces! This is double the current amount which stands at 2000, this allows players to be even more creative without worrying if they will be able to upload big projects onto the Steam Workshop.

That’s not all, much more content is coming to the game so buckle up and prepare yourself for this brilliant new update!

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