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Planet Coaster – Community Livestream Audio Special

Written by Duwsh

There will be an exciting Community Livestream held on Wednesday at 7PM GMT, it will be all about the fantastic audio within the game and explore how it was brought to life, you’ll be able to ask  Lead Audio Designer Matthew Florianz and Audio Programmer Jon Ashby questions as they will be special guests to the stream.

Head on over to the Planet Coaster YouTube channel tomorrow evening for the exciting event, here’s what the team had to say.

Hi coaster friends!

As promised, this Wednesday (Feb 15) we have a super special community livestream for you all!

It’s safe to say we all love the sound of Planet Coaster; our entire audio team is so amazingly talented and passionate, and they have recently been nominated for the prestigious G.A.N.G. Awards[] this year (Best Audio for Indie Game, Best Sound Design in a Casual/Social Game). Perfect time for me to be joined by Lead Audio Designer Matthew Florianz and Audio Programmer Jon Ashby, who will take us on a musical journey and show us all the incredible intricacies of the sound design of the game!

Of course, you’ll also have a chance to ask them any questions about the audio of Planet Coaster – make sure you post your questions below and we’ll answer some of them on the stream this Wednesday.

It’s going to be so fun and technical, so be sure to be there at 7PM GMT when we go live!

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