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Overwatch: Capture the Rooster (capture the flag)

In the latest update for Overwatch we got a new event (Year of the Rooster) and with that also a new game mode – Capture the Rooster. This is a game mode that has been highly requested by the Overwatch community  and it seems like we might be able to keep the game mode after the seasonal event is over. Our feed back is important and the developers are listening to us, so speak up (or at least play the game mode a lot) if you want a game mode like this to be added permanently to the game and not just be a seasonal thing.

Capture the Rooster

Capture the Rooster is set on Lijiang Tower and it circles through all of the three different maps. In CTR we have two teams of six who has their own flag and both teams has to try and capture the other team’s flag at the same time as they’re protecting their own. You don’t need to have your own flag at your base to be able to capture the enemy’s flag. All abilities are allowed and your ultimate is charging up a lot faster which makes it a fun and fast-paced game mode. Be creative with your hero picks and don’t be a little chicken (hah, chicken.. rooster..) who stays at their base defending all the time because that’ll just end up in a draw.

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