Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO – Calling South Korea Pokémon Trainers

Written by Krista

Trainers in South Korea can now start their journey to become Pokémon Masters!

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today, Trainers in South Korea can download and play Pokémon GO from the App Store and Google Play!

South Korea’s bustling cities and rolling green hills filled with history highly complement the exploration, exercise, and social aspects of Pokémon GO. With its robust technology infrastructure, South Korea has one of the strongest gaming communities in the world, with a large population of dedicated Pokémon fans. We are especially excited that they will now be able to explore their world with Pokémon GO.

Get ready and GO!

—The Pokémon GO team

In light of this update, Pokémon GO will update to version 0.53.2 for Android users and 1.23.2 for iOS users with the addition of Korean language support.

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