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Overwatch: Mercy Guide – 5 tips and tricks

One of the most important roles in a team is the healer and therefore it’s necessary for you to know how to at least play one of the healers (if you want to be a good team mate).  Since I’m one of the top Mercy’s in Europe I thought that I could give you guys some handy tips and tricks to help you become a better Mercy.

  1. Know who to focus. Your team’s tanks are the most important characters of your team and you should always do your best to keep them alive. But you know.. don’t follow a suicidal Reinhardt charging into the enemy team alone, because that will just get you both killed.
  2. Your position. Don’t place yourself in the middle of your team because it will both be hard to see who needs healing, but there’s also a big chance that you’ll end up in the middle of a fight and die. Instead, position yourself behind your team or next to your team. This will make it easier for you to have an overview of your team’s health and keep you safe from the fight. You can move closer to your team if flankers are a problem.
  3. How to stay alive. It can be really hard to stay alive as Mercy because the enemy team are always focusing you, especially the flankers. Make sure to always have your team in your line of sight so that you can easily fly to them if needs be. If you see an enemy coming towards you, wait a second so that the enemy gets close and then fly to a team mate on the other side of the enemy. It’s a little bit like bullfighting and is really effective.
  4. Communication. It’s very important to talk to your team mates when you’re playing Mercy because you can’t really defend yourself. Let your team mates know if you’re in trouble by using your voice to increase the chance of you surviving the attack. As Mercy you also have a pretty good view over the battlefield and it’s easy for you to spot enemies who are flanking. Call out a flanker as soon as you see them to warn your own team.
  5. Ultimate. It can be very tempting to save your ult for when your whole team dies just so that you can get play of the game, but you shouldn’t do that. You should use your ult to bring back tanks when you’re having trouble defending the objective, even if it’s just one tank. It’s ok to use your ult on dps and support too, but that should be at least a 2 man res. If you notice that your team is stuck in an enemy ult, go and hide until your team mates are dead and then fly in and use your ult.

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My name's Jenny and I'm a 20 year old youtuber/streamer from Sweden. When I'm not in front of my computer gaming (which to be honest is 90% of my life) I do portrait photography and horse riding. I'm a quick learner and I have a lot of different hobbies and interests that I'm fairly good at which makes it hard for me to decide what to do with my only life on this earth.