Overwatch: NEW MAP – Oasis

Written by Caowl

We’ve got a new map, again! This time it’s the beautiful map Oasis which is set in Iraq.


Oasis is set in the Arabian desert of Iraq. It was founded by eight leading scientists, led by Ibrahim Hassoun, Anya Al-Shahrani, Youssef al-Jabiri, and Mehmet Farhat. They were looking for a way to push the boundaries of what modern science at the time could do. They founded Oasis as a proof of human’s ingenuity. In their minds, what better way to do so than by turning a barren landscape into one of the most technologically advanced and wondrous cities in the world.

Oasis has one of the most highly educated populations on Earth and it also ranks as one of the safest cities due to its usage of advanced predictive surveillance and crime modeling. Residents also enjoy access to a wide range of world-class amenities, such as the verdant Abu Hassoun Gardens, temperature controlled streets, the luxurious Gilded Tower Hotel, and the elBuffi restaurant, considered the best dining establishment in the world. One of Oasis’ most recognizable landmarks is an enigmatic tower that remains under construction for an indefinite period of time.


Each turn is played on one of the three sections of the map:

  • City Center
  • Gardens
  • University

Here you have some beautiful pictures of the new map:

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