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Stardew Valley – Starting A Farm

Written by YorkshireGamer

As most of you know, Stardew Valley is a very popular game among the gaming community, you inherit a farm from your grandfather and turn it into your own and I’m here to help you start it off!!

Now making a farm isn’t as hard as you think, you just have to be creative to when it comes to naming your farm


The image above is the box you’re greeted with when creating a farm, you just have to make your own little character and pick a farm name I decided to go for “Llama Drama” for this one, but it shouldn’t take too long unless you want to be really creative with it.


After you’ve done all that, you just click Ok and you should be starting the intro to the game if you haven’t already, basically the intro to the game is where your character is at a boring desk job, wanting to do something different with their life and they get a letter from their grandfather about taking care of his farm and making a new life out there, meeting new people and learning new things.

So after the intro, you’ll be at the farm (or bed if you skipped) simply taking in all the nature and the jobs that you’ll have to do. The next day, you’ll get tasks in your journal and given a present as well from the Mayor of the town. The present that was given to your character was seeds to plant in the field, you simply use the hoe to dig up some dirt and plant them down, don’t forget to water them everyday.


Also every now and then you’ll get mail in your mailbox either reminding you about a town festival or a little task for you to do.


Also here’s a small preview of the map as well of the town, your characters head is on it and it’ll be pinned on the map wherever your character is


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