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Planet Coaster – 1.0.3 Update (UPDATED)

Written by Duwsh

A new update is being pushed out later today, it’s quite a small one but addressessome more minor bugs within the game, here’s what the team had to say:

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post to let you know that we have a small update going live shortly. The ever vigilant Planet Coaster dev team have continued to review your bug reports and this update aims at to address some of those reports made. The update is expected to go live at 10:30 GMT today.

Don’t forget the team are busy working on our Winter Update which will be making its way to players on 15 December. The Winter Update is a free content update which will include the community voted flat ride and a number of other sweet festive treats!


UPDATE: The team are redeploying the update due to causing a few wait time issues for users who have community translated languages active, check out the update below.

Greetings everyone,

As mentioned in a forum post yesterday, we are redeploying the 1.0.3 update!

This will be to address a bug which was identified that caused prolonged waiting times at startup for users with community translated languages active.

To be precise, this update fixes the languages encoded in UTF8 / multibyte characters (such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean). Which will fix the extended delays seen at startup of the game.

The details of the update were posted yesterday and available here:

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