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Planet Coaster – Workshop Wonderland 30th Nov

It’s Friday, that means another Workshop Wonderland tonight! This time Bo Marit will be joined by Lead Programmer of Planet Coaster, Andrew Chappell. Together they will be looking at some of the community’s best creations and having some fun, so check it out!

Andrew will also be answering questions on the development of Planet Coaster so if you have any questions head on over to the forum and ask away!

Good day everyone!

This Wednesday, we are hosting another round of Workshop Wonderland for you! This time Bo Marit invited our Lead Programmer from Planet Coaster, Andrew Chappell! We will be reviewing some of the best, most original, and downright fun items you’ve submitted to us or uploaded to the Workshop… something Andrew can tell us lots about!

If you have any questions about the game’s development, the integration of Steam Workshop, or the art of programming, now’s your chance to ask; post your questions on our official forumsand we will do our best to answer them this Wednesday. Remember that these are community-focused livestreams, so even though our lovely devs do stop by and join us, we are not revealing any new information!

So in short:
When: Wednesday, November 30 at 7PM GMT
Where: Our Official YouTube channel

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