Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Update 1.0.2

Written by Duwsh

Another update for you guys today, it’s a fun one in the form of stability improvements and some bug fixes. Head on over to steam to download it. Here’s what the team had to say:

Hey everyone,

Just popping on quickly to let you know that we have our second post release update going live this morning which we’re estimating will go out at roughly 11am BST.

The update includes a number of fixes and stability improvements, listed below.

And don’t forget, we have a special seasonal gift for you all with our Free Winter update, which I’m pleased to be able to confirm will be making its way to you all on the 15th of December!

The Winter update will have number of festive treats with something for all types of players and includes the Collider flat ride, as voted for in our community poll. Watch this space for more info!

Here’s today’s update notes:

  • Stability/crash fixes
  • Functionality fixes
    • “Don’t block station” option doesn’t always work for Monorail
    • Chinese / Japanese / Korean fonts look unclear when using Community Translations
    • Selecting Hard Challenge actually loads Hard Challenge Rather than Medium
  • Text fixes
    • “Kerb” is now “Curb” in American English
    • “Total Research Spend” is now “Total Research Expenditure”

As a final note, we’ve had a few people reporting a 700MB download on Steam this morning. It would appear that this was a Steam side update. We believe this was the removal of the sound track and re-upload, just so you know!


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