Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #11

The next countdown image has been released and this one focus’s on the new ticket booths that connect the rides queue to the main park paths. Previously what you had to do was build the rides queue close to the path and attach it using a separate ticket booth which was sometimes quite finicky, well this solves that as now all you have to do is connect the queue and it will automatically add a ticket booth.

4 days to go until Beta and a host of new improvements are making their way into the game. Taking on feedback from our awesome Alpha community, we’ve made it even easier to place the ticket booth when building a new ride. Now all you need to do is simply connect the queue to an existing path and a ticket booth will be placed for you! Pre-order the Thrillseeker Edition of Planet Coaster and be first in line to play the Beta on November 9:

That’s not the only thing in the image though, the brand new flat ride we saw in a previous countdown image is very clearly shown here, it appears to belong to the new futuristic theme and looks great! There’s more scenery in the background of various pieces from the futuristic theme as well.

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