Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #8

The eighth countdown image has been released today and it’s showing off part of the games park management menu. As you can clearly see the image confirms that we will be able to set opening and closing times for our parks, handy if you don’t want to use the tools to keep it light all of the time, but don’t want to spend loads of time in the dark. Another interesting feature is the ability to set ticket prices for adults and children, it makes a lot of sense to have this in game as usually concession tickets are much cheaper than a regular adult ticket.

8 days to go until Beta starts! Guest will always give feedback on your park so take the time to check Guest Thoughts and carefully manage your park’s guest capacity to avoid overcrowding. Open your park with the Beta on November 9, available to all Thrillseeker pre-orders:

Being able to set a limit on the amount of guests in your parks will be fantastic for players who’s PC’s aren’t able to handle many thousands of guests in their parks. It’s also quite realistic, most parks will have a limit on how many people can enter the park in one day to stop overcrowding and now we will be able to do the same.

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