Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #7

The next countdown image is here, just a day after a whole boatload of information about the game was released and the devs are still giving us more! It seems they are showing us more about the in-game sounds that are customisable, it seems there will be two kinds of speaker, am ambient sound speaker and a regular music one. From the picture you can see that you can’t add custom music to the ambient speaker but as we saw previously this is a feature that is in the game so it appears you can only add custom music to a specific music speaker.

Only 9 days to go – Make some noise for Park Speakers with a selection of ambient sounds that will add even more atmosphere to the scenery you create like the Howling Abyss ambient sound at the entrance of this ominous cave! Beta starts on November 9 for Thrillseeker pre-orders. Join the ride now:

Something else interesting about this image is the UI icons in the bottom left, it appears there is an icon that looks like a bar graph, I’m not sure what this could be, my initial thought was that it was for the primitive art theme’d scenery but that appears to be the other icon with the circle, square and triangle. There’s also a repeated icon, the top middle icon and the bottom middle icons are both the same, this could mean that the UI is still being worked on or it could mean the dev team are saving something big for launch!

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