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Planet Coaster – Beta Content Livestream Summary

Written by Duwsh

If you watched the livestream this evening over on Planet Coaster’s YouTube you will know that an insane amount of features have been announced and shown off, I’ve included the video in this post although it is very long, so I’ll summarise some of the most important new additions to the game.

Art Primitives

These handy little scenery pieces were included in the latest countdown image, to but them basically, you can use a variety of different pieces in many shapes and sizes to create a whole host of fantastic models and creative buildings. They are all fully customisable using the new colour tools meaning you can use them to make thousands of different combinations.

Square Paths and Improvements

Something we’ve recently seen is coming are the square paths, but now we know exactly how they function. It appears the size of the square sections will depend on how wide the path is, you are required to select the grid of current path in your park which then gives you the option to build your paths square, it will be perfect for creating beautiful plazas and add that extra bit of realism to parks. It seems they will work quite nicely with the current curved paths which have also been upgraded.

Paths will now have much more customisation, you are able to add railings to paths which are on the ground and remove them from raised paths, hopefully park guests won’t fall off! Even more exciting is the fact you can make paths completely flat by removing the curb which means that hiding them beneath scenery will be even easier.

Work Areas

With the great new management tools come work areas, this feature basically means you can have your entertainers set to entertain between several points, this is perfect for when you have many sections of a park and don’t want Captain Lockjaw plundering the depths of fairytale village or Princess Amelie prancing around your pirate area.

The great thing is it appears that you can even set flat rides, shops and rollercoasters as well as the regular staff points. Don’t worry though, you can also set janitors to only clean up in set areas and even make it so mechanics only fix certain rides, very handy for large parks.

Futuristic Theme

The guys showed us what you can do with the awesome futuristic theme within the game, there will be plenty of great items which when combined can make some great looking scenery. We were shown an example of what we could build, a crashed spaceship rotated and moved perfectly into place using the intuitive tools.

Western Theme

As well as the futuristic theme we also got a good look at the western theme, I think this one has to be my favourite so far in the game, there’s just so much great content and the Connie Express is just absolutely stunning. I think that it’s also good because it can be merged with the pirate theme as they are very similar in appearance meaning there’s even more stuff to use.

The new animatronics within the theme also adds a great aspect, it includes wheels, belts, saws and even more which will lead to some interesting designs.

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