Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #5

The dev team have released the most exciting image of the game yet, we are finally able to create square paths in our parks! It’s not massively clear how these will work with the existing path tools but it doesn’t take anything away from how brilliant this feature is. This was a massively requested feature and just goes to show that the team is definitely listening to fan requests.

With the awesome new features we’ve been adding to the game, we’ve also improved on what was already there, such as adding the ability to build perfectly squared paths! You can make paths as precise or as free-flowing as you like, sending guests to your best rides and shops for maximum profits. Step into the Beta from November 9 with the Thrillseeker pre-order:

Something else being shown off in the image is the new sci-fi theme, as you can see they’ve revealed a piece of scenery in the shape of a space ship, hopefully these come in several pieces allowing us to create different kinds but if not it’s still a very nice detailed piece of art. Another exciting addition is the new mascot, it appears this little guy is a robot, it’s acceptable to assume this is the same as the current ones and will be a staff member in a robot suit but anything is possible.

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