Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #4

The next countdown image is here and we can now choose our favourite time of the day to play the game, the new controls allow us to freeze the time to any point during the day. This doesn’t appear to affect the game’s clock meaning once the ‘set lighting’ is disabled it reverts back to the time of day to match the clock.

12 days to go until Beta – Take coaster building to the next level with height markers, giving you precise control over how high each section is to help you create the best roller coaster imaginable! Start building the park of your dreams on November 9 with the Thrillseeker pre-order:

This is the first time we’ve had a full shot of the UI, including the icons at the top of the screen, it appears we will have tutorials, notifications and tasks in the top left and the settings in the top right. A brand new ride is also visible on the top of the cliff in the image, it appears we will be getting a ride very similar to the Dare Devil Chaos Coaster located in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, the ride can be seen below.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will open the all new Dare Devil Chaos Coaster in 2015, a pendulum-style thrill ride that takes passengers on 360 degree revolutions. This ride brings the total coasters at the park to nine. (PRNewsFoto/Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

(PRNewsFoto/Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

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