Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #3

The third countdown image is here! It looks like the team have decided to show us the height markers the game will have after the beta release, although the picture is very dark you can clearly see the height markers along the track, also the ability to have it set from terrain height or water level height is handy. Quite a few people have asked whether the height markers will just be in meters of if they will be able to change this – the team have yet to confirm this.

12 days to go until Beta – Take coaster building to the next level with height markers, giving you precise control over how high each section is to help you create the best roller coaster imaginable! Start building the park of your dreams on November 9 with the Thrillseeker pre-order:

If you take a look at the top right of the image you can clearly see the silhouette of a mine train and above that it clearly says “Editing I Love the Mine Train”, this is something a lot of people have wanted and is a welcomed addition to the game.

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