Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #2

The second countdown teaser image has been released, this one focuses on that Steam Workshop uploads can now contain 2000 pieces, double the amount in Alpha 3, this will surely be a great addition to the game and allow users to be even more creative!

13 days until Beta starts – and we’ll double the pieces available in a Steam Workshop upload, to a whopping 2000! That’s double the incredible community creations for you to harness in your parks, and double creativity for those of you sharing. Let your imagination run wild – Planet Coaster Beta starts November 9, 2016 for Thrillseeker pre-order owners:

The image also confirms what I stated yesterday, you can edit the name of not just rides but pretty much anything, this will help when it comes to trying to select the correct building to edit. Another feature hidden in the image is the fact you can build paths straight over edges of terrain, currently the only way to bridge over terrain is to raise the path first and then build over it, this will make the path creation much neater and will make parks even more aesthetically appealing.

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