Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster – Countdown Image #1

The dev team have released a brand new image of the game featuring never-before-seen features which will most likely be added when the Beta launches.

Countdown to beta – 14 days to go! Every day, we’ll be highlighting a detail coming in the Planet Coaster Beta on November 9! The Planet Coaster colour picker gives you complete freedom in colour selection – part of the incredible spectrum of customisation available! Join the beta by getting the Thrillseeker pre-order from Steam

As you can see the main feature they are showing off is the colour picker, the team have given us complete creative freedom to choose any colours for the rides and attractions in our parks, this was such a requested feature and a lot of users will be very happy it’s being added.

Another feature being added is the ability to change the name of rides, it’s not too far fetched to say that we will be able to rename anything in our parks. Something I am incredibly excited for is custom music, you can see that to the right of the colour picker it clearly says “UserMusic” which is basically a confirmation that we can add any music/sounds to the game and the customisation available goes even further.

I expect this won’t  be the last image with some fantastic new features hidden in plain sight.

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