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Planet Coaster – Beta Launching Soon

Written by Duwsh

Since the Alpha for Planet Coaster was launched way back in March so much content has been added to the already packed game and that’s not changing anytime soon with the Beta launching on the 9th November.

To gain access to the Beta all you have to do is purchase the Thrillseeker edition of Planet Coaster from Steam between now and the official launch of the game on the 17th November. As well as being able to play the game just over a week earlier than everyone else you will also receive the games soundtrack and a digital sketchbook filled with beautiful content made throughout the development of the game.

The Planet Coaster team had the following announcement:


Hey everyone!

Get strapped in because the Planet Coaster beta is opening soon!

That’s right coaster park fans, we’re very excited to share some much-anticipated news with you about the Planet Coaster beta and how it will work.

Straight from the information booth
The beta will open its gates on Wednesday November 9 for everyone who owns the Early Bird Edition or Thrillseeker Pre-Order of Planet Coaster (and all new Thrillseeker customers joining the community on or after the 9th) and will run all the way through until Planet Coaster launches on November 17.

What’s more, you’ll be able to experience every new feature that’s coming to the final release as we bring you our most significant update ever, which puts simulation and management firmly at the centre of the game!

You’ll be able to put your managerial prowess to the test, build your money-making empire and surprise, delight and thrill your guests with a host of new features and content that brings everything together into the greatest coaster park game ever made.

Beta together
The beta will include all of the content and features that will be in Planet Coaster at launch, but not all the gameplay scenarios – we’re saving those!
On the 9 November there’ll be two scenarios to test in Career mode – one easier, one more challenging – and we’ll be looking to our fabulous beta community to give us as much feedback as possible.

During the Beta, our amazing dev team will be working hard monitoring what’s going on, taking feedback and using it to help finalise balancing, bug fixing and last minute improvements before the final release on November 17.

So, what’s new?
Glad you asked. In the two and a half weeks leading up to the beta release on November 9th, we’ll be keeping you informed and entertained on the massive changes coming to Planet Coaster with livestreams, news posts and sneak peeks.

Look out for our Management Matters article that will give you loads of delicious detail about the management features coming to the beta. We’ll have two developer livestreams, on October 31st and November 7th, where we’ll be taking a lingering look at some of the incredible big ticket additions to the game, including some great surprises. Keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter pages too for those sneak peeks of exciting new content and features coming in the Planet Coaster Beta.

So clear your schedule and make space in your diary as we show you everything – the team have been working on a lot of this stuff for a long time, and we’re sure you’ll think it was worth the wait!

If you would like to play the Planet Coaster beta before the November 17 release date and don’t already have either the Early Bird Edition or Thrillseeker pre-order, you can pick up the Thrillseeker Pre-Order now from Steam for just £29.99/ €37.99/$44.99 and gain access on November 9. The Thrillseeker Pre-Order comes packed with extra goodies too, including a downloadable sketch book, a download of the amazing soundtrack album ‘You, Me & Gravity’, an in-game golden King Coaster mascot and a gold hat for your in-game avatar to wear around your parks!

Thanks for joining us for the ride! From here on, please keep your hands inside the car at all times.

Well if you ask me Planet Coaster is shaping up to be an absolutely phenomenal game and I know I’ll be playing along on the 9th November. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the game and strap yourself in for what’s sure to be a thrill ride!


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